Are your investments being managed by a stock broker or another firm for an annual or quarterly fee?  According the states’ laws and the Securities and Exchange Commission, brokers (also known as investment advisors) that sell these types of investment management programs have an ongoing fiduciary duty where, among many things, they have to disclose any and all conflicts of interest and to treat your needs ahead of their own.  They also have to carryout the services they promised to you in their investment advisor contract.  Many investors have losses in their portfolios because their brokers have not complied with their obligations to the investors.


Is your broker a certified financial planner (CFP) or offer financial planning?  Have you bought a financial plan, implement it, and lost money as a result?  Brokers that are CFPs or sell financial plans are held to a high standard of conduct.  Many brokers use financial planning software that generate cookie-cutter plans that don’t suit your needs or others have no background or training yet hold themselves out as experts in financial planning.  As a result, investors who have lost money may be entitled to recoup their losses as a result of their broker’s or financial planner’s fraud or misconduct.


Stock Broker Fraud and Investment Fraud Attorneys

The Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A. represents investors nationwide and overseas that have lost money due to stock broker fraud or other misconduct of their brokers and the investments or services they have sold them.  If a broker failed to discuss with you the risks of these investments or if the type of investment was unsuitable for you given your age, financial situation, and other factors, or if the broker failed to follow his or her legal obligations you may be able to recover your financial losses.


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