The Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A., is investigating Success Trade Securities related to Success Trade Promissory Notes. FINRA recently announced that it had filed a Temporary Cease-and-Desist Order in relation to these notes. Allegedly, Success Trade’s President and CEO Fuad Ahmed misused client  assets that purchased the Notes.  FINRA filed a complaint against Success Trade Securities and Fuad Ahmed  for sales fraud. These Promissory Notes were issued by Success Trade Inc., the parent company. Success Trade Securities, sold in excess of $18 million of the Promissory Notes.   Many of the investors are current or former NFL and NBA players. Upon information and belief, Success Trade misrepresented material facts related to the Notes.  Furthermore, FINRA claimed that Success Trade misrepresented the way in which the Firm would use the proceeds, as they appeared to pay existing note-holders’ interest payments and made unsecured loans to the CEO.