Customer Arbitration Award – Unsuitable Investment

Author: LPclient

Gruberman v. LaSalle Street, FINRA ID #12-02021 (Chicago, IL, 1/30/2014) – In this explained Award, a customer couple win $135,000 against a broker-dealer for failing to advise them of unfavorable information on a tenancy in common it recommended. For a free case evaluation or to discuss any other investment losses, please contact the Securities Law… Read more »

Customer Arbitration Award – Promissory Note Partnership Investment

Author: LPclient

Carson v. VSR Financial, FINRA ID #11-02400 (Minneapolis, MN, 12/23/2013) – A customer complaining that he received a fractional share of a promissory note when he expected a partnership interest may be equally surprised, but certainly happier, when he recovers $40,000 more in compensatory damages than he requested. For a free case evaluation or to… Read more »

The Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A. Files an Arbitration Claim Against NEXT Financial Group.

Author: Michael Hill

The Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A.,, announced today it filed an arbitration claim against NEXT Financial Group (“NEXT”), for its failure to supervise one of its financial advisors who engaged in unauthorized and excessive trading within an investor’s account. Consistent with the arbitration claim this Firm just filed, the Financial Industry… Read more »